Nutrition is one of the most important factors to consider if you want to look good, feel great and have a healthy lifestyle. Pay attention to your food and I guarantee that the overall benefits and wellness you will experience will be greater than those food cravings we all experience.

The underlying issue is breaking the emotional connection to food. Food is fuel. Just eat it and get on with life. Food is not a way to achieve happiness. Happiness is what happens in life when you’re not eating. If you get emotional fulfillment and gratification from food, then it’s evidence of a hole in your life that you’re trying to fill. As a healthy way to set and achieve goals and spend time with like-minded people, CrossFit is part of what will fill that hole. But you have to start by realizing the situation and accepting that if you want to change then you’ve got to change. Your old dietary habits will just give you your old results.

List of Foods:

Here you will find a list of Do’s & Don’ts for eating strict Paleo. How closely you follow these guidelines depends entirely on your personal goals. If you are looking to lose as much weight as you can as fast as possible, we recommend faithfully adhering to the rules outlined below. If you are already in shape and are searching for ways to make improvements, whether it’s strength, size, tone, stamina, power, etc., we suggest incorporating a level of Paleo that coincides with what you’re trying to accomplish. The higher the level you commit to, the faster you will accomplish your goal.

What’s Allowed:

Following is a more detailed description of the food categories you’re allowed to eat.

  • All the Meat you want:
    Any beef (ground beef, steak), pork (chops, ham), lamb, duck, chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, seafood (clams, scallops, etc). Fresh or frozen.
  • Plenty of Veggies:
    Any fresh or frozen veggies (except potato, corn, and beans)
  • Supplement with Nuts/Seeds:
    Any nuts/seeds (except peanuts), raw/ lightly roasted and unsalted; or any nut butters.
  • Add some other Healthy Fats:
    Avocados, olive/almond/coconut oil, or flaxseed/grape seed oil
  • Some Fruit:
    Any whole fresh fruit (no juice), but in moderation (1-2 servings)

Why All the Meat?

  • You can’t overeat it and you can’t gain weight on lean meat alone.
  • Loaded w/ BCAAs + glutamine = faster recovery = drop in cortisol (stress hormone).
  • Loaded w/ carnitine which causes fat to be used as energy.
  • Raises metabolism which burns more calories.
  • Satisfies the appetite.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Note: ALWAYS eat meat with fat (naturally or from nuts/seeds, olive oil, avocado).

Why All the Veggies?

  • Loaded w/ vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc
  • Fills you up.
  • Doesn’t spike your insulin.
  • Balances the acid-base (more alkaline as opposed to acidic).

Why Nuts/Seeds, Olive Oil, or Avocado?

  • Fat ratios of omega 3/6/9 get normalized.
  • Get more 3 w/ fish oil and more 9 w/ olive oil and nuts.
  • Anti-inflammatory (Inflammation causes: heart attacks, cancer, and Alzheimer’s to name a few).
  • Essential to human health.
  • Promotes healthy blood flow.

Why Only Some Fruit?

Sadly, fruit raises insulin levels and needs to be moderated if you are:

  1. Trying to lose weight.
  2. Diabetic or have another metabolic derangement.

That being said, fruits are still very good for you, naturally sweet, and loaded w/ nutrients. A good rule of thumb is to keep your fruit intake less than that of vegetables.

Off limits:

Following is a list of what is off limits if you’re committed to strict Paleo.

  • No Sugar or Artificial Sugar
    (Equal, Splenda, Stevia, agave nectar, pure cane, corn syrup, fructose, molasses, honey, maltodextrin, etc)
  • No Junk Food
    (cakes, desserts, cookies, candy, chocolate, pastries, chips, crackers,ice cream, snack foods, etc)
  • No Grains
    (wheat products, corn products, rice, pasta, bread, oatmeal, cereals, etc)
  • No Legumes/Beans
    (peanuts, lima beans, kidney beans, black beans etc)
  • No Dairy
    (milk, ½ + ½, cream, butter, yogurt, cheese, etc)
  • No Alcohol
    (Includes wine, beer and hard liquor)

Why No Sugar Substitutes?

  • Sugar and all substitutes may spike insulin levels.
  • Prohibits many people from losing weight.

Why No Grains?

  • Not healthy, no nutrients, not suitable for our digestive system – (causes weight gain and bloating).
  • Contain anti-nutrients (phytates- more on that soon).
  • Contain lectin (grain protein causes gut irritation) > celiac: gluten intolerance > destruction of villi in intestines > a vast array of digestive/gastrointestinal problems: constipation – heart burn – colon disease – IBS – varicose veins – indigestion – colitis – gall stones – hemorroids – appendicitis – hiatal hernia – duodenal ulcer.
  • Gluten (wheat, oats) disrupts insulin signalling (1 in 33 people have celiac disease).
  • Lead to carb addiction (bread anyone?).
  • Kitava study: No cancer, diabetes, heart disease or obesity. Intro to grains/dairy/legumes = disease started.
  • Inuits:  85% fat, 15% protein, no carbs = no disease.

Why No Legumes/Beans?

  • Contain phytates > binds w/ bone minerals > robs you of it.
  • Contain lectin: originally evolved to fight off insect predators > binds w/ tissues in our body > increase intestinal permeability > allows partially digested food and gut bacteria to pass into the bloodstream > also impairs the immune system > leads to many autoimmune diseases in genetically susceptible people.

Why No Dairy?

  • Spikes insulin levels.
  • Nutrient deficient (cows are fed grain) and loaded w/ antibiotics and growth hormones.
  • Linked to increased risk of prostate and ovarian cancer.