Nicholas Pettas
Reebok CrossFit Master Trainer
Aya Osanai
ReebokOne Ambassador
Ginjiro Fujiwara
Reebok CrossFit Coach
Maiko Hatano
Reebok CrossFit Coach


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Both Aya and I finished our level 2 and it truly feels like a second level. Glad to have been pet of the first one in Japan.
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Fun day Sunday ;)
Everybody was hitting WOD hard!
Note: Tomorrow is holiday schedule! We offer 10:00 and 11:00 class only!

楽しい日曜日!今日はPartner WOD! 盛り上がりました!
明日は祝日スケジュールです☻お間違いのないように宜しくお願いします! (7 photos)
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First day of level 2 done down here in Reebok CrossFit Asia! We are learning great things!
初日が無事に終わりました、たくさんな勉強になってて本当に来て良かったです。 (4 photos)
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First day of three day weekend! Many people came to the box and worked out really hard! Full of energy! Welcome to our box Jenni! Have a safe trip home! Even though it's a long weekend....let's CrossFit everybody ;)

Note: Monday is a national holiday! We only offer 10:00 and 11:00 class! (2 photos)
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Only men came to 19:00 class today! Men's club! Everybody was hitting hard! Only women came to 20:00 class! Women's power!!! (6 photos)
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Work outs are constantly varied, meaning you never know what you are going to do until you get to the Box and see the WOD on the white board.
Working out should be as fun as it is effective, you will always leave with a feeling of accomplishment and a smile on your face.
Working out to create the results you desire can be a hard task, but the community of CrossFit will help you along every step of the way. You will never work out alone again.
Getting stronger
Our goal, increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Getting stronger will give you a better body to handle anything life throws at you.