Dear Member,

In order to make your membership payments easy and smooth, we will require Platinum and Regular Members to fill up an automatic membership deduction form.

Monthly fees will be automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account each 27th of the month. Customers that prefer to settle their membership fees using cash will be required to enroll the ticket membership system or pay three or six months in advance by cash. On the ticket Membership System cash payments are allowed.

If you decide to cancel you membership, you will be required to fill out in person the “Membership Termination Form” at your box in order to suspend the automatic payment deduction.

For full details and information please read our term and conditions below.

1. All members must present credit card information to register for automatic membership fee deduction.

2. All membership fees must be paid in full by the 27th. Of previous month.

2.1 outstanding payments will not allow members to work out at box until payment has been settled.

3. Travel discount rates only apply to more than 14 consecutive days away from the box. In which case a ¥10.000 discount will apply.

3.1 Travel rates only apply if members have notified box before the 27th. Of the previous month.
3.2 Travel rate discounts will be given as cash back at the box.
3.3 3 or 6 month prepaid discounts rates do not apply for travel rate discounts.
3.4 Family memberships and group discount rates do not apply for travel discount rates.

4. Family + Partner membership rates are only allowed in actual case of real life relationship. Ask for details if interested.

5. Membership off season holds apply for up to 3 months after that one must reapply for membership. To apply for this one must fill out the season off holding form at the box.

6. To terminate a membership one must complete the termination form at the box before the 10th. Of the month of desired termination in order to suspend payments. Any time after the 10th. One must agree to pay following month of membership fees to terminate membership at box.

7. Cash prepaid 3 months membership contract is available with 8% discount. Total Price ¥81.000 (¥3.000 per month discount).

8. Cash prepaid 6 months membership contract is available with 8% discount. Total price¥150.000 (¥5.000 per month discount)

9. Prepaid membership contracts are NON-Refundable under any and all circumstances.

10. Receive one free month membership if you introduce a friend.

11. All new contracts are minimum 3 months binding, membership fees will not be refunded and termination of contract form must be filled out before the 10th. Or the 4th month membership fees will be deducted.

11.1 All new membership contracts must pay per day membership fee until end of month and following months membership fee.
11.2 Per day fee is calculated at ¥1080 including 8% consumption tax.

12. Cash only membership contracts must pay 3 months in advance, cash payment discounts will apply.

13. Special rules exemptions might apply in case of family related issues make sure to contact head of box for details.

14. One time only applicable 10 one day passes with 5 weeks expiration time limit are available for ¥32.400 for beginners

15. Please help us preserve this haven for fitness and community by helping us help you. Your membership is appreciated and your effort at the box matters to us, let us help you stay fit and continue to grow as an athlete and stay fit for Life.