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01 Jan

Hello, my name is Aya Osanai.

When first introduced to CrossFit, I was amazed by the strength and intensity of the foreigners participating. I wondered if Japanese people could adapt to this kind of training, and further, as a woman, would I even be able yo keep up? Uncertain, I stepped up and gave it a shot. The imagine that I held was completely backwards: the training itself is designed to meet the needs of any ability level. Because you find your own max effort and set your training accordingly, you come face to face with your own abilities. I was shocked to find that, before I knew it, my fitness level was climbing; I’m really excited to discover my untapped power!

The teamwork and community spirit of CrossFit groups create a fantastic atmosphere, and before I knew it I was making friends with the people around me. Unbeknownst to us, we were fostering a competitive spirit, measured in sportsmanship, and hearts that cheered on and supported one another. I want to loose weight and shape-up, I want to get big, I want exercise to be fun, to be saved from my couch-potato life! No problem, everyone from those with physical handicaps to hard-changing athletes can come and sweet together, creating a fitness that’s hard to describe.

Rather than talk, do! Experience s the only proof! I really just want everyone to experience this for themselves! I promise you won’t regret it. I could not recommend it more highly! Come on” Let’s CrossFit!


January 1, 2020