AYA"s BootCamp
リーボック クロスフィット ハート&ビューティー(西麻布)

AYA's BootCamp LITE

Do you wanna burn Calories? Do you want to get in the best shape of your life? Are you ready for change? Then this class is for you, Aya has produced a BootCamp class that hits your fitness and challenges you to reach down deep to get the body you have always wanted. STRONG BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY are the main key words for the concept of this class.

Taking advantage of the Functional Movements found in CrossFit this program is used by women as well as athletes supplementing their fitness goals. If your goal is to loose some excess weight this is without doubt the best class you will find in Japan right now.

Castalia Hiroo B1
Nishi Azabu 3-13-3, Minato.ku, Tokyo

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